The factory of TDI is registered as a "UL certified Panel Shop" since 2003.
 NITW.E240884 Industrial Control Panels.
 NNNY.E240887 Control Panels & Assemblies for Use in Hazardous Locations.
  • Signed an agency agreement with ELSPEC (Israel) for the ECOLIZER. (Jul.2016)
  • Received IECEx Certificataion for Local Control Panel in Peru. (Jul.2016)
  • Received ATEX Certification for Electrial equipment in general Local Control Panel in Europe. (Jul.2016)
  • TOKYO DENSEI Industrial Co.,ltd. merged Yutaka Electric Industrial Co.Ltd., acquired all of the issued shares of the stock. (Apr.2016)
  • Received KCS-S Certification for Pressurized Snsor Panel (Local Control Panel) in Korea. (Apr.2016)
  • Received EAC Certification in Rucia (Sep.2015)
  • Been registered as a supplier in the Achilles Power & Tech SQS (Sep.2014)
  • Signed an agency agreement with G.M.International S.r.l (Sep.2012)
  • Signed a system integrator agreement with Rockwell Automation Inc. (Aug.2012)
  • Received ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) for Shipyard, Ship Type Unit of Local Control Panel (Jul.2012)
  • Joined the TRACE International member (Apr.2012)
  • Signed an agency agreement with Invensys (Mar.2012)
  • Received ATEX Certification for Local Control Panel equipment use in explosive atomosphres in Europe. (Sep.2010)
  • Signed a solution partner agreement with Siemens (Oct.2009)
  • Signed an agency agreement with Kepware (Oct.2009)
  • Agreed with Korea Gas Safety Corporation (KGS) for attesting explosion proof products under the standard of IEC, ATEX, KOSHA. (Oct.2009)
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