The factory of TDI is registered as a "UL certified Panel Shop" since 2003.
 NITW.E240884 Industrial Control Panels.
 NNNY.E240887 Control Panels & Assemblies for Use in Hazardous Locations.
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TOKYO DENSEI cooperates with the following enterprises as partner.

Our Dealer

Moritani Corporation

We have a strong partnership with Moritani Corporation established in 1901 as an Eengineering company in Japan with softwares, hardwares, and total cares.

Solution partner

Siemens AG

Supply the system solution using the automation product from Siemens, the largest scale in Asia with the best performance.

System Integrator

Rockwell Automation

Carries software products and system solutions from Rockwell Automation. ie.,including SIS (Safety Instrumented System)

Official Dealer


Enabled connecting to approx.200 control products from Mitsubishi, Omron, Siemens, Rockwell PLC, MODBUS while supplied by OPC software products from KepserverEX, etc..

G.M.International S.r.l

Carries products of ©G.M.International to Japan, ie., non-incendive equipments.


Signed an agency agreement with ELSPEC (Israel) for the ECOLIZER.

Creative partner

Aoki Design Corporation

Cooperated for Product Design and Human Factors.
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