The factory of TDI is registered as a "UL certified Panel Shop" since 2003.
 NITW.E240884 Industrial Control Panels.
 NNNY.E240887 Control Panels & Assemblies for Use in Hazardous Locations.
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Quality control

Based on the ISO9001:2008, we provide products with high satisfaction and reliability by the well regulated system with shared knowledge of quality management so as to present our quality policy. And we provide high quality products in which clients satisfy by the effort in the improvement of design and product quality, and also by the quality maintenance and improvement.
By the quality control of work included from receiving order up to product delivery, installation work, test-run adjustment & synthetic operation, and technique with procedures considered, attempt to maintain the quality.

Quality policy & Basic policy

Quality policy

Based on the "Customer comes first", we try best making progress to higher level of customer satisfaction, and continue to supply reliable high quality products so as to contribute to the global society.

Basic policy

1. Improve reliability

Challenging the motto "Become realization", and to maintain and extend the competitiveness with visibility and speed. Follow the company motto thoroughly to develop the atmosphere of mutual reliance and working hard to raise the organizing ability.

2. Improve productivity

Based on the improvement of the organization system, every department achieve the quality target and making progress of validity.

3. Strengthen and improve the schedule management

By high level communication (report, communicate, discuss), carry out the real-time schedule management based on the detailed information shared.

4. Improve performance for every department

Every department sets business, technology and production ability target to have the level-up quantified.
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